Anke Zimmermann, BSc, FCAH is a professional homeopath with a special interest in children with developmental and behavioral challenges. She has been in practice for twenty-nine years and works and lives in beautiful Sooke on Vancouver Island. 




Talk #1:

Homeopathy for the Family

Homeopathy has an incredibly wide range of applications for families. From assistance with pregnancy and childbirth to treating babies and children for common acute and chronic ailments; from assistance with emotional stress and even addiction concerns in adults to a little help for the family pet and garden. Homeopathy has something to offer for everyone. Expect an informative and entertaining tour through the fascinating world of homeopathy. 


Talk #2

Homeopathy for Developmental Disorders

As many as 18% of American children are diagnosed with a developmental disorder, including 2.5% with autism. These conditions are placing enormous strains on families, the education system and society at large. Homeopathy has the potential to both identify and address the many contributing factors to these conditions, from inherited tendencies to environmental stressors, including exposure to prenatal ultrasounds, birth interventions, vaccines, medications and environmental toxins. This presentation will be illustrated with many inspiring case examples from the presenter's practice. 

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