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courtney queen

Courtney Queen is the chef, author and photographer for the real-food recipe website Butter For All. Her culinary style is earthy and creative with an emphasis on organic, local, farm-to-table slow food. Well versed in the Weston A. Price food philosophy, Courtney is passionate about the proper preparation of all foods, especially the sourdough starter she has cultivated, encouraged and baked with for the last twenty years. She is an active advocate for organic, biodiverse and regenerative farming, ethical meat eating, raw milk, fermentation, healthy fats and sustainability. Through Butter For All she encourages people to take a more active role in their health by teaching them how to source and prepare real-food ingredients with dedication and care. Courtney holds a degree in culinary arts and hospitality management and has many years of fine dining, restaurant and catering experience.




Take a deep dive into the fascinating world of sourdough fermentation! In this presentation, Courtney Queen will explain the crucial balance between wild yeast and lactobacilli in sourdough cultures, allowing you to fully understand how to care for a starter so that you can bake successful sourdough breads anytime. You will learn about the wide variety of wheat grains and why they need to be sourced, milled, stored and soured properly for the most nutritious and flavorful bread. We will discuss the use of different heirloom grains for various styles of bread while revealing how these grains may impact your health. We will identify some of the more common sourdough problems and explore their solutions so that you can keep a healthy starter for many years to come. Finally, you will learn how to follow a simple, weekly bread-making schedule that will make baking fresh sourdough easy and enjoyable.

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