James DeMeo, PhD

James DeMeo earned his PhD in the field of Geography, with a specialization in Earth and Atmospheric Science. He is author or editor of

nine books and around a hundred published research papers in science journals and popular media on  environmental-atmospheric issues, biophysical experiments, science history, cross-cultural studies, and health-related subjects. A former university professor, he is today retired doing private research and writing. His  scientific works can be reviewed on the ResearchGate website.





Two major scientific discoveries were made in the first half of the 20th Century, but were crushed down by politically-motivated opposition, the scientific proofs for them being swept aside.  These are 1) the successful light-beam interferometer experiments of Dayton Miller and other top scientists of the early 1900s, documenting the existence of a real and tangible Cosmic Ether in space, and 2) a similar Cosmic Life-Energy was documented by Wilhelm Reich from 1930 to 1956, demonstrating its existence in living creatures, in the planetary soils, minerals and water, in the atmosphere, and also within high vacuum.   Both concepts are ignored or denigrated by conventional science and media. Progress in physics, astronomy, biology and medicine has hence been steered into a dead-end, a cul-de-sac characterized by totally wrong and sterile concepts, notably the idea of "empty space" and a dead universe.  These older discoveries have been the subject of James DeMeo's experimental investigations and research since the early 1970s. In his talk, he will present in summary the older findings and newer experimental verifications of them.  His two books: The Orgone Accumulator Handbook, and The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space, elaborate on this same evidence in greater detail.