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John’s experience of living in the Amazon frontier gave him the vision for a new conversation model focused on the good will inherent in people to take care of their land.  This dream culminated in Alianca da Terra, a Brazilian land stewardship company that manages over 13,000,000 acres of farm data on its Producing Right Platform, which serves as a sustainability sourcing tool for supply chain partners.

Alianca da Terra also supports an elite firefighting unit which provides wildland firefighting services for private property owners, indigenous tribes, and public land managers who need assistance in controlling the wildfires that ravage the landscape yearly.

John graduated from the University of Texas, served in the 101st Airborne Division in Desert Storm, and completed Texas Christian University’s Ranch Management Program.  He and his wife manage their ranch in Mato Grosso.




In 1996, my wife and I moved to the southern Brazilian Amazon to live on a 21,500-acre cattle ranch in the Mato Grosso frontier. Located eighteen hours from the nearest hospital by truck on horrific roads and trails, we lived off the grid with power provided by a diesel generator for four hours a day and water from a spring pumped uphill by a water wheel to our headquarters. We raised our own beef and chicken and maintained a massive garden to feed fifteen people who lived there year-round. Most rewarding of all was learning about the medicinal plants the surrounding forest provided in abundance. The local cowboys and pioneers knew a lot, but it was not until we met the Indians in the Xingu region that we really understood the brilliance of their diet and natural pharmacy.