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Laura Villanti has been teaching and inspiring others with food as medicine for over twenty years. She started her practice, At Home With Wellness ( in 2011 to help individuals find their vibrant health with tools that they can employ from their home—whether in the kitchen, garden or otherwise—in addition to helping individuals feel at home (meaning comfortable and confident) with their path to healing. Her clinical toolset continues to advance but maintains a foundation in nutritional therapy and root-cause resolution of advanced health issues and her practice continues to grow with this core focus.

Laura is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner (FNTP), certified GAPS practitioner, allergy release technique practitioner (A.R.T.), bio-individual nutrition practitioner, Klinghardt autonomic response testing practitioner, advanced Reiki practitioner and certified healing food specialist. She is also a WAPF chapter co-leader for Rochester, New York.

When not supporting clients, Laura can be found cooking, gardening, teaching others how to garden, entertaining with a big feast, working with the intricacies of einkorn sourdough, fermenting foods, taking in advanced education, walking and hiking, traveling to visit family, practicing yoga and savoring time in nature. 





Parasites, one of our most undiagnosed and underdiagnosed root-cause health issues, can lead to debilitating gut function and autoimmunity as well as affect the brain, skin, eyes, sinus, thyroid, heart, lungs, liver and more. Long attributed to travel in Third World countries, this is no longer the case. Laura Villanti will explain the symbiotic and non-symbiotic relationship with parasites’ host—us! Learn the varied symptoms, why parasitic overgrowth is more prevalent today, why parasites are difficult to diagnose, how to best test for them, key natural remedies and protocols, what to look for with recurrent infections and much more.

Laura will share insights from her clinical practice where she uses the decades-refined autonomic response testing methodology developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghart to determine prioritized root-cause stressors that are blocking healing and then determine the supports that resolve these stressors. The root-cause stressors include infections (viral, parasitic, mold/fungal, bacterial, Lyme/co-infections, etc), heavy metals, toxins, EMF, food allergies and sensitivities, interference fields including scars, and dental or jaw infections, etc). Her work is focused on supporting those with acute or chronic health issues who have not found resolution. As a result, she has gained great first-hand clinical insight on parasitic infections and how to best resolve them.



We are excited to offer a panel of highly qualified practitioners. The panel includes Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD; Tom Cowan, MD;  Laura Villanti, FNTP, Dawn Ewing, PhD, ND and Pam Schoenfeld, RD with moderator Sally Fallon Morell.

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