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Laura has been teaching, sharing and inspiring others with food as medicine for over twenty years. Her practice, At Home With Wellness, was founded in 2011 to help individuals find their optimal health with tools that they can employ from their home--whether their kitchen, garden or otherwise--in addition to helping individuals feel at home--meaning comfortable and confident with their path to healing. Laura is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner (FNTP), certified GAPS practitioner, A.R.T. allergy release technique practitioner, bio-individual nutrition practitioner, autonomic response testing–foundation certified practitioner, advanced REIKI practitioner and certified healing food specialist. She also enjoys inspiring and sharing with those in her community as a WAPF chapter co-leader for Rochester NY.


When not supporting clients, Laura can be found cooking in her kitchen, gardening, teaching others how to garden, entertaining with a big feast, working with the intricacies of einkorn sourdough, fermenting all sorts of foods, taking in advanced education around the country, walking, practicing yoga and savoring time in nature. 




The world of food and nutrition is complex. As is the world of chronic health issues. The ability to find where these two merge is the epicenter for where the body can begin its most efficient and easiest path to healing. Through many years of clinical experience with nutritional therapy including supporting the rebalance of the microbiome of clients and through the advanced assessment of the autonomic nervous system, Laura will detail how to let food be thy medicine for how to support the body when dealing with today’s most prevalent clinical deficiencies, toxins, imbalances and co-infections.