Marcelina (Marcy) Cravat is a Passelande Pictures LLC documentary filmmaker with two completed award winning films, Angel Azul and Dirt Rich. She is currently in production on her third film, Terrain. Marcy received her training at the Art Center College of Design after graduating from the University of California in San Diego, and later she attended The Berkeley Digital Film Institute for film training. For years she was an editorial photographer, transitioning into film later in life after her kids were grown. Marcy is passionate about the subject matter of her films which motivates deep exploration, growth and an ever expanding understanding about human consciousness. 


Film: Terrain


After showing the first of this two-part film, we will host a Q&A with the producers Marcelina Cravat and Dr. Andrew Kaufman.


Terrain, a two-part film divided by an intermission, explores the facts and history of germ theory as it applies to today's unprecedented global Covid-19 psychological operation. Dr. Andrew Kaufman guides us through a process of discovery, one that is conceptually quite simple--an entire paradigm based on a foundation of fiction. Conversely, this film acknowledges and dissects the vastly complex landscape we are currently experiencing. Terrain helps build public understanding to inspire and motivate viewers to choose mindfully where one places their consent. Through this process we discover that the solutions are indeed encouraging should we choose to manifest them.