Theodora Scarato, MSW

Theodora Scarato is executive director of Environmental Health Trust (EHT), a scientific think tank that publishes research and educates policymakers and the public on environmental health issues. EHT scientists are some of the leading independent voices calling for action on improved safety standards on cellphones and wireless technology. Scarato has trained teacher unions and presented on policy of electromagnetic fields at the New Hampshire State 5G Commission, National Institutes of Health, Tel Aviv University and the University of California San Francisco.


Scarato coordinates scientific programs worldwide with EHT’s senior science advisors. She is also a lead policy analyst and researcher for EHT’s database of international policy actions on cell phones and wireless technology. Scarato helped coordinate the first U.S. medical conference designed to train medical and health professionals on electromagnetic radiation and has published on research, policy and legal issues related to electromagnetic radiation. 


Scarato is a clinical social worker and before working in environmental health directed an intensive therapy program in Maryland.




Learn about the hidden hazards in your cell phone and the risks posed by the 5G rollout. Most importantly, get the tools and resources you need to do something about it. 

Despite the fact that 5G is being rapidly rolled out in the U.S., hundreds of scientists are calling to halt 5G. Over 180 cities in Italy have now passed Stop 5G resolutions and twenty countries conduct programs to educate citizens to reduce cell phone radiation. However, in the U.S., our regulations are decades out of date. Although the biological effects of wireless and electromagnetic fields are well-established, cellphone companies have created a state of confusion by perpetuating the myth that these frequencies are harmless. 

Solutions exist. Simple steps to reduce wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields can have a huge impact on your health affecting everything from sleep to memory to reproductive health. Learn practical ways you can set up safe technology in your home and reduce cellphone radiation and promote safe technology in your children's schools and in your community. Learn how cities across the globe are stopping 5G. The time has come for safe technology.