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Dr. Timothy Weeks is a distinguished 6th-generation physician who has dedicated over two decades to running a successful multidisciplinary practice in Medina, Ohio. Renowned for his expertise in healing and facilitating miracles, Dr. Weeks possesses a unique ability to uncover the connections between spirit, emotions and the physical body, offering profound relief from chronic illness. 

For the past two years, Dr. Weeks has embarked on a global pilgrimage he calls "Sacred Surrender," immersing himself in the ancient healing and especially the art of breath as it relates to healing. This journey has taken him around the world to many ancient sites, where he has voluntarily treated people on a donation basis, exploring the principles that allow for miracles to occur. Dr. Weeks' profound understanding of holistic healing and his ability to facilitate Sacred Surrender have opened an entire new healing art. His work continues to inspire and heal, as he connects individuals to the universal life force and the profound potential within.




In "Sacred Breath," we explore the profound connection between the formation and expansion of the universe and our very own breath. Just as the cosmos began with a single, expansive breath, our breathing and fascia mirror this grand creation. This speech delves into the synergy between the opening of the flower of the human face, the hydraulic systems that power the body and the expansion of our energy and very consciousness, revealing how we connect to the universal life force. By learning to open our physical bodies, especially our skulls and breath, we align ourselves with the energy that powers the entire universe. Join us in discovering how to breathe in harmony with life, energy and spirit, unlocking the sacred potential within each of us.



"Sacred Surrender" delves into the transformative power of releasing our breath, fascial adhesions and life energy, allowing our being to reset and return to our source. This process of shedding accumulated stress and traumas, and surrendering to the sacred river of life, is often termed the hero's journey. It mirrors the sacred flow of cerebral spinal fluid from sacrum to head, embodying the essence of life's journey. In this talk, discover ancient healing techniques that have been used for thousands of years to help people break through the bonds of suffering and disease. Learn how to embrace Sacred Surrender, letting the flow of life guide you towards profound healing and liberation. Join us to uncover the timeless wisdom that facilitates true transformation and a deeper connection to the universal life force.

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