Dr. Timothy Weeks owns a practice in Medina, Ohio, called Whole Body Health and has been in practice since 2004. He holds a B.S. in human biology and a doctorate in chiropractic from Logan University. He is board certified and licensed in the state of Ohio.


Dr. Tim is a sixth-generation physician and his family has been practicing medicine uninterrupted since before the Civil War. From this extensive family tradition, he has learned many time-tested health techniques to healing. He has also received thousands of hours of training in applied kinesiology and nutrition. He prides himself in working with difficult cases and finding solutions in multi-disciplinary actions and has personally given over four hundred thousand treatments in his career.

In 2018 he published a book named Whole Body Health and has since traveled the world extensively speaking, holding retreats and consulting.




Part 1 - Earth, Air: The human body is much like an idling engine. Just like an engine it needs fuel, oxygen and a spark to function. All health problems are accompanied by a decrease of nutrition (EARTH) and oxygen (AIR) at the cells/organs of dysfunction. As this happens the body goes into fight/flight and eventually fatigue. Dr. Weeks will go over simple tests to know when your body is stressed and that your nutrition and oxygen are falling, along with strategies to reset and reprogram the body back to homeostasis.

Part 2 - Water, Fire

As the body goes deeper into stress the electrical energy and nervous system of the body (FIRE) go down. As this occurs, the body becomes compressed and twisted through the fascia while the nervous system short-circuits. The final stage of stress is toxemia where the lymph (WATER) and intracellular water diminish and the fluids of the body quit moving. In this second part Weeks will explain this process of stress, how it happens and show powerful strategies to build back the elements of the body so it can heal quickly and without drugs.