Tissa Stein has been interested in good nutrition and a simple and aesthetic approach to food for her adult life. She had the good fortune to be a neighbor of oven builder and baker Alan Scott, when she was actively raising and feeding two young children. Her interest in Alan's approach to bread led her to build a small wood-fired oven in her backyard which grew into her first experience with a commercial sized wood-fired bakery. Two years living in Europe reinforced her appreciation of good bread and upon returning to the U.S. she resolved to fill what she perceived as a need in her community of Portland. She is happy to say that eight years later Tabor Bread has become something of an institution.




Some reflections on Tissa's experience of balancing an extremely labor-intensive bread baking operation with keeping the health of the bottom line and the well-being of her highly motivated and creative staff. How attention to mission, internal staff culture and customer care all factor equally and fold into her approach to management. Plus welcoming a steep learning curve late in life (or anytime!)