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Doug OGS (off grid specialist) and Stacy HLC (holistic life coach) live the pioneer lifestyle in the 21st century in an 1800s-style log home they built themselves. They have been living off grid like the Amish and homesteading with no public utilities for fourteen years. They value the experience of doing for themselves, leaving a world of instant gratification and drive-through windows.

Fourteen years ago, they were like most of you–stressed out, eating toxic food, living in debt and being sick all the time. So what did they do? They sold everything, bought eleven acres and started growing their own food and medicine. One of their goals was to become their own health-care provider by utilizing fresh food and herbs grown on their land. They studied holistic remedies of the past and have implemented them in real life situations with great success on themselves and their animals–knowing the body is self-healing and self-regulating. From their social media presence to live speaking engagements, they have taught over one million students how to live this lifestyle. Our passion is to teach this life and how it transformed our health, vitality and happiness; and can do the same for you no matter where you live.



SUNDAY 10:45 - 12:00

Doug and Stacy will walk you through how living without electricity, growing 90% of their own food and living 100% off of rain water has benefited their health and vitality. They will cover key areas of living dirty like:

  • How dirt can strengthen your immune system

  • How getting dirty is good for mental health

  • How being grounded benefits your whole body

  • How our garden is our pharmacy

  • How we reduce stress naturally

  • How cold showers keep you healthy

They will give you suggestions and real life examples of how you can improve your health and well being by getting dirty no matter where you live. They will share their story of how they transitioned from sterile city life with bad health to dirty homestead life with great health and vitality. They will also explain how you can eat fresh greens no matter where you live and get 100 times the nutrition.

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