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Mike Thompson has worked in the field of meteorology and climate for forty-five years. His last television assignment was as chief meteorologist at WDAF-TV, FOX4, in Kansas City, where he worked for twenty-seven years before retiring from on-air work in late 2018. Mike then pivoted to entrepreneurship, science education and the political world.

Mike has served as the Senator for the 10th district in the state of Kansas since 2019. Mike is the chairman of the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee, and also serves on the Utilities Committee, Public Health Committee, Local Government Committee and the Transparency and Ethics Committee. He is the secretary on the board of the Truth Caucus.

He is co-owner of IQ Learning that produces an online weather and science course for students called IQ Weather. He is the executive director of the Academy for Climate and Energy Analysis (ACEA), a 501C3 dedicated to education on climate and energy issues. Mike also serves on the education committee for the CO2 Coalition, and as a policy advisor for the Heartland Institute. Both national organizations were formed to educate the public on atmospheric science matters and energy policies. He has won six Emmy Awards and is in the Guinness Book of World Records for twenty years of developing, writing and producing his annual weather and science show, "School Day at the K".

He lives in the Kansas City area with his wife, LeAnne. They have been married for forty-six years, and have three children and ten grandchildren.




What if "the science is settled" really means that the bill for a specific scientific outcome has been paid by the highest bidder?  That is not how science is supposed to work, but increasingly, "settled science has been used as a weapon to silence, intimidate, denigrate and isolate those whose voices are inconvenient. . . and to control as many people as possible.

This is not a new phenomenon, but is has culminated in dangerous policies surrounding climate change, health, energy and almost everything we do each day. How you are being lied to. How you are paying for it. And, a coming crisis that may be unavoidable. Mike Thompson will walk us through the tangled tale of scientific debauchery that everyone should be aware of.

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