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Bruce Rind, MD, has been practicing medicine since 1976. He started his career as an anesthesiologist, received board certification and quickly transitioned to holistic medicine, now called integrative medicine (American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine: Diplomate). He developed an interest and expertise in the areas of osteopathic medicine, orthopedic medicine (noninvasive orthopedic treatments), nutritional medicine, repair of TBI, concussion and stroke injury, thyroid/adrenal endocrinology, and mold problems, specifically rapid resolution. His orientation is to work with Mother Nature and support our innate ability to heal and self-repair.



Dr. Bruce Rind will explain the connection between the thyroid and adrenals. Thyroid energy and adrenal function have an inverse relationship. A high one looks like a low other; e.g., the symptoms of too much thyroid can look similar to adrenal fatigue and vice versa. He will explain how to recognize weak adrenal function and how to help. He will also explain how to understand your thyroid test results and how to identify numerous problems even though the values are ‘within normal limits’. Our effort should not be to obtain ‘normal lab values’, it should be to obtain ‘optimal function’. Lastly, he will explain how fungal toxins impact adrenal and thyroid function and testing.




Mold and yeast affect virtually 100% of the population, either strongly or weakly. In my experience, 99% of doctors and patients don’t realize this. Effects differ with what our ‘weak link(s)’ might be and can range from rapid aging, chronic pain, dementia in older individuals, brain fog and poor focus in younger individuals, autoimmune disease, neurological disorders, hypersensitivities and allergies etc. It can affect any cell type because the fungal toxins can lower cellular ATP production which can affect any and every cell type in our body. Therefore, the effects are broad ranging. 

Dr. Bruce Rind has discovered and developed a way to deal with mold that is rapid and easy to do. He discusses the mechanism of mold injury, how to outsmart the mold, and how to test yourself to see if you are succeeding using a home test that costs nothing and takes about a minute to do.

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