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Isaac Chilton is a structural integrator and movement teacher with over twenty-five years of experience. He has owned Structural Elements since 2004. Sparked by a fascination with Chinese Medicine he launched into a study of the healing arts at an early age. He began to practice therapeutic massage in 1998. His foray into bodywork morphed into a discipline.

Enthralled by anatomy and human structural behavior, Isaac has turned that discipline into a passion. He holds certifications with Anatomy Trains, International Association of Structural Integrators, the Upledger Institute, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Stott Pilates and TRX. He is a level III certified MovNat trainer. He has a background in teaching anatomy and physiology and various manual and movement modalities. Isaac practices, moves and trains in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. When missing from work he is often traveling the world with his open-hearted and unshakably positive wife, Fatima Chilton.




The late Moshe Feldenkrais said “movement is life.” Most of us feel better when we move regularly. But exactly how is movement related to feeling better? In his presentation “Move or Die,” Isaac Chilton will talk about how a movement practice can affect specific body tissues and why movement is essential to vitality. This talk will feature explanations about why we may feel old and how that feeling may be over-linked with another sense: hunger for movement. Practical suggestions about how to keep moving will be offered. This presentation is for reticent and incessant movers. Young, youngish and older adults will be inspired to start a movement practice or beef up and add variety to their current movement choices.

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