Bob Quinn, PhD

Robert “Bob” Quinn—the 2007 recipient of the Montana Organic Association Lifetime of Service Award—is a progressive leader in promoting organic and sustainable agriculture throughout Montana and the rest of the world. The Organic Trade Association awarded Bob the 2010 Organic Leadership Award for his contributions in the “Growing Organic Agriculture” category and in 2013, he received the Rodale Institute’s Organic Pioneer Award. In 1986, Bob’s company Montana Flour & Grains introduced the natural food industry to an ancient Egyptian wheat, called khorasan (similar to durum wheat). This grain was marketed under his own brand name, KAMUT (the ancient Egyptian word for wheat). Through the trademark, Bob has been able to preserve an ancient grain and guarantee it is not genetically modified or altered. KAMUT brand khorasan wheat is grown under strict production guidelines and is exclusively grown organically.




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