Marc DiNola, DDS

Dr. Marc DiNola is a biological dentist who graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 1993. He has been practicing dentistry for over twenty-five years. He was introduced to holistic dentistry through his work with the Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). He has been following Dr. Weston Price’s ideas about oral/systemic health and includes Price’s nutritional research in his practice because of his interest in Price’s insights about oral health and overall body health connections. He believes proper nutrition is a strategy for generating healthy growth and development of the jaw bones and thus sees it as required for healing hidden chronic jawbone infections after surgery. Dr. DiNola incorporates safe amalgam removal protocol into his holistic treatment plans.




DiNola’s talk will describe the protocols necessary for the proper removal of amalgam fillings. His talk will incorporate the start to finish rationale that has been inspired, created or developed in response to new and old information gathered over the years. Each step incorporates clinical research into the ultimate strategy, where all potential exposures from mercury are mitigated (vapor and particulate). He will also answer questions about biological dentistry in general, as well as specific ones about the SMART protocols he will present.